The cover Men still think with their clubs by Milt Lowe

"Easy to read and a hoot to boot. It's both fun and an exceptionally funny read. The book is about a cavewoman and her cavemen lovers. Ooba is a little raunchy, but it's hysterically funny. I read the entire book in one sitting (and I've re-read parts of it many, many times since then.) I laugh out loud every time."
-- bria1127 from Orlando, Florida

"Milt Lowe is hysterically funny!!!"
-- Susan Shapiro, author of Five Men Who Broke My Heart
   and The-Male-To-Female Dictionary

"Milt Lowe doesn't have to club me over the head to get me to read his book. Men Still Think With Their Clubs is the greatest. And he's just hilarious."
--Wendy "The Snapple Lady" Kaufman

"Author Milt Lowe proves once again that times change but sex is here to stay.  So proves Ooba, a horny cave chick and the protagonist of Men Still Think With Their Clubs. The book is a collection of her thoughts. She is funny, perceptive, and an expert on male behavior. You'll be laughing from beginning to end."

--Stephen Baker, author of How To Live With A Neurotic Dog
   and How To Live With A Neurotic Cat


"There's a humor book I like called, Men Still Think With Their Clubs. The main character is a cavewoman named Ooba who dates a lot of men, but doesn't think they have a clue. There are plenty of funny episodes in the book to illustrate Ooba's frustration and annoyance with men.

With names like Longbone, Barf, Gorp, Dweeb and Cretin ... we're guaranteed that each will have something different, amusing, and disgusting to contribute. They do not disappoint. The book is an enjoyable read with many inventive situations. "
--Leon Mitrani, New York City

" Hey Milt—Thanks so much for being our guest on The NightLight. You're a fun guy, and your book is a hoot."
--Bee Brahm and Wayne Betrano
WSAR, Falls River, Mass

"I loved the book, the humor, and the excellent writing."
--Keith Rush, host
The Keith Rush Show
WASO Radio Station
New Orleans, LA

" I love this book. A must read for women everywhere. Sure hope you're selling a bunch of these books because it's fabulous!"
--Reid Howell, host
KYMO Radio Station
Sikeston, Mo

"Read your book—funny damn stuff."
--Pete Roper, host
KTLF Radio Station
Ada, Ok


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